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We work with you to create a home that works for you…

Simplicity is the key to convenience and so is a home that is specifically tailored to your unique needs. Taking in to account space, light, movement and all the everyday practicalities that create the home of your dreams, Smarter Homes Technology work with you to create a home that works for you.

Tech companies are devising prototypes for bespoke options including smart mirrors that advise on wardrobe choice, hair and makeup alongside the news and weather updates.

For example, Smarter Homes Technology use wireless sensors around the house to detect motion. If a door is opened or left open, or if the oven is left on, the system will alert patients, and caregivers, of danger.

Our systems also provide audio reminders about daily tasks, such as when medicine is due and enables caregivers and family to check in remotely for complete peace of mind.

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